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The Urban areas are facing a rapidly increasing menace of stary animals which pose a threat to the environment and also prove to be hazardous for road safety. Administrators are tring out different techniques for tackling this problem but nothing could workout effectively due to the difficulty of loading the arrested stray animals in to the vehicles within the city for transporting them away. Moreover the techniques being adopted also subject the animals to cruelty from their handlers. A mobile Hydraulic Cattle lifting Van has been Specially designed to tackle the stray animals. Just two persons can load & transport the stray animals from anywhere within the city with the least effort and in a friendly manner totally eliminating any kind of cruelty towards animals.

The whole system has been made possible by designing a robust & caged platform which is hydraulically lowered to the ground level at the rear of the vehicle cargo deck. The animals is brought onto this platform and the platform is lifted upwards hydraulically. As this platform comes in level with the floor of the vehicle the animals is pushed inside the vehicle and tied. The platform is then hydraulically closed and it acts as the tail gate of the vehicle cargo deck. The whole operation is completed in less than a minute, Just with the pressing of a control lever.

The vehicle can also be used for transporting sick and the dead animals. Above all the hvdraulic platform fitted at the rear of the vehicle does not restrict the use of the vehicle as a standard truck for any other application-rather it facilitates loading & unloading activity for all type of goods. The system can be build on any vehicle LCV / HCV Old or New.


Sr No




 Loading Capacity

 1000 kg.



 Hydraulic Pump

 Gear pump Max Pressure 3000 PSI



 Hydraulic Cytinders

 2 Nos.



 Loading Time

 Less than 30 seconds



 Unloading Time

 Less than 30 seconds



 Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity

 30 Ltrs.