Technic Dumper Placer 4.5 Cum Capacity
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The Dumper Placer is a highly versatile equipment that combines the advantage of a Tipper and a Self loading crane, making it a machine of exceptional utility.

The Dumper Placer can pick, dump and replace containers / loads, completely eliminating waiting to load time and thus increasing productivity. Parallel container lift ensures complete safety and no spill over.

The system comprises of a pair of powerful hydraulic lift arms with quick release chain, tipping hooks and hydraulically operated stablizers mounted on all steel subframe. All controls are provided inside driver's cabin.

The equipment is recommened for mounting on selected models of all LCV chassis.


  1. Higher Capacity Dumpers Placers :

    •  6 cum Dumper Placer and 7 cum dumper placers can also be fabricated on suitable GVW chassis

  2. Twin Cointainer Dumper Placers :

    • 2 x 2.5 cum or 2 x 3.0 cum or 2 x 4.5 cum capacity dumper placers can alsobe supplied

  3. Dumper Placers with Cargo box :

    • Makes it most suitable for smaller cities, where the vehicle is not required all the time for garbage handling as it can be used for other applications as a standard truck.


  • Handling of city refuse and garbage.
  • Handling of toxic liquids / sludge and water tankers.
  • Handling of building rubble, construction materials.
  • Handling of pipes, wooden Logs and dead animals.


  • Liquids upto 3,000 Ltrs in a tanker.
  • Pipes, Logs & Dead animals etc upto 4000 kgs.
  • City refuse and garbage upto 4.5 cum in a container.
  • Malba & building construction material upto 2.5 cum.


  • Overload protection device.
  • Locking values in all circuits.


  • Manpower required : Single person.
  • Lifting Time : Less than 50 seconds.
  • Tipping Time : Less than 50 seconds.
  • Dismounting Time : Less than 50 seconds.


      Maximum Hydraulic Lifting Capacity

   4000 kg.



      Boom cylinders

   2 Nos.



      Hydraulic Pump

   Gear pump, Max Pressure 200 kg./cm²




   1 No. Roller Type

     Tipping Hooks

   2 Nos Manually operated.


     Hyd. Tank Capacity

   60 Ltr.
     Lifting Chain
   MS Link Chain Tested Quality